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A Robust PI Control Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Uncertainty Using Sum of Squares Decomposition (28981 Views)
Hybrid Dynamical Modeling and Control of an Under-Actuated Limit Cycle Walker Subjected to Impulsive External Disturbances (12759 Views)
Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller Design for Cruise Control of High Speed Trains (12315 Views)
Solution of Differential-Algebraic Equations in Hessenberg Form Using Sliding Mode Control (11266 Views)
A Novel Supervised Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning for Robot Navigation (10547 Views)
Modeling and Analysis of the Hydraulic Antilock Brake System of Vehicle (10545 Views)
A Novel Method for Optimum Electrical Energy Harvesting from Wind Turbines: A Space-Time Model for Wind Farm by Neuro-Fuzzy Strategy (10151 Views)
Adaptive-Sliding Mode Control of Lorenz Hyperchaotic System Considering Uncertainties, External Disturbances, Nonlinear Inputs and Unknown Parameters (9912 Views)
Assessment and Robust Controller Design of STATCOM for Power System Stability Improvement Using Honey Bee Mating Optimization (9451 Views)
Sliding Mode Control of Time-Delay Markovian Jump Systems with Partly Known Transition Probabilities (9423 Views)
Modeling and Control of Actuator Position of Shape Memory Alloy using Type-2 Fuzzy Control System Optimized by BEES Algorithm (9141 Views)
Guidance Law Design using Finite Time Second Order Sliding Mode Control (9040 Views)
Miss Distance Analysis of Proportional Navigation Strategy with Acceleration and Body Rate Feedback using Adjoint Method (8886 Views)
Observer-based Adaptive Fuzzy Control Scheme for a Class of MIMO Uncertain Nonlinear Systems (8845 Views)
Modeling of the Electric Arc Furnaces using Chaos Theory and Control of Power Quality Parameters (8745 Views)
Implementation of Rough Neural Networks with Probabilistic Learning for Nonlinear System Identification (8598 Views)
Three-Dimensional Optimal Robust Guidance Law Design for Missile Using Sliding-Mode Control and SDRE Control (8321 Views)
Control Of Wind Turbine With Double Fed Induction Generator To Track For Maximum Wind Power (8243 Views)
Adaptive Trajectory Tracking Control of Dynamics of Nonholonomic Mobile Robot based on Orthogonal Function Approximation Technique (8134 Views)
Error Analyses of Inertial Navigation System Based on Only Accelerometers and Without Gyroscope (8072 Views)
Time Optimal Trajectory Planning For a High Speed Planing Boat (8043 Views)
Action Value Function Approximation Based on Radial Basis Function Network for Reinforcement Learning (7955 Views)
An Optimal Approach to Nonlinear Control of Vehicle Braking System during Severe Braking and Turning (7873 Views)
Error Analysis and Compensation of inertial navigation System height channel in high Altitudes Aiding Star Tracker (7745 Views)
Stability Analysis and Robust PID Control of Parallel Cable Robots with Positive Tensions (7610 Views)
Analytical Design of Constrained Nonlinear Optimal Controller for Vehicle Active Suspension System considering the Limitation of Hydraulic Actuator (7605 Views)
Observer Designing for Discrete-Time Piecewise Linear Systems: Linear Matrix Inequalities Approach (7533 Views)
Fuzzy Adaptive Observer Based Control of Double Inverted Pendulum (7522 Views)
Distributed Estimation and Sensor Selection in Wireless Sensor Network in the Presence of State-Dependent Noise (7383 Views)
Design and Implementation of an Optimized Intelligent Control Algorithm for Robotic Rehabilitation of Lower Limbs of Handicapped Patients using a 6-DOF Parallel Robot (7265 Views)
Robust Adaptive Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems: Integral Sliding Mode Control Approach Mehdi Golestani, Saeid Ebadollahi, Seyed Majid Smaeilzadeh (7248 Views)
New Approach for Numerical Solution of Distributed Parameter Systems Optimal Control Problems (7154 Views)
Event-Triggered based Sliding Mode Control of Uncertain Linear Systems (7109 Views)
Higher Order Sliding Mode Control of Nonlinear Systems with Adaptive Switching Gain (7094 Views)
Optimal Active and Reactive Power Sharing between several Distributed Generation Units in a Stand-Alone MicroGrid Using Artificial Neural Network (7087 Views)
Nonlinear Modeling and PID Control System Design for a Typical Drum Steam Generator (6923 Views)
Inverse Kinematics of 7 DOF Robot Manipulator under Joint Angle Limits and Obstacle in the Workspace of Robot using Neural network, Fuzzy System and Quadratic Programming Approach (6919 Views)
Multi-Objective Optimization of 6-Degree-of-Freedom Cable-Driven Parallel Robot Using Kinematic Indices (6884 Views)
Reduction of the Actuator Oscillations using Adaptive Control in a Damped Beam Model under a Follower Force (6852 Views)
A New Method to Improve the Robustness of Smith Predictor against Model Error (6836 Views)
Design of Nonlinear Optimal Controller for moving of Underwater Vehicle in Depth Channel by using Gradient Descent Method with Systematic Step Selection (6796 Views)
Synchronization of Chaotic Fractional-Order Genesio Tesi -Coullet Systems via Fractional-Order Adaptive Controller (6738 Views)
Survey and Comparision of Quantum Systems: Modeling, Stability and Controllability (6700 Views)
Design of Robust Optimal Controller for Hybrid Electric Vehicle by using Road Information (6677 Views)
Non-Model-Based Control Law for a Wheeled Robot Towing a Trailer (6670 Views)
Synchronization of Two Lur’e Differential Inclusions with Sector Input Nonlinearity and Unknown Parameters (6651 Views)
Prediction and Identification of Nonlinear Rotary Cement Kiln System with Neuro-Fuzzy ANFIS Network by Using Feature Selection with Genetic Algorithm (6642 Views)
Using Directional Enlargement of Domain of Attraction to Increase Critical Clearing Time of Nonlinear Systems (6454 Views)
A Hybrid Learning Algorithm for Fuzzy Wavelet Networks Design for Functions Approximation, Online Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems (6446 Views)
Analysis of Collusive Behavior of Generation Companies in Power Market using Game Theory (6414 Views)
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